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00610 - Life Lesson : Be Innovative

Innovation and lateral thinking are invaluable in life. Proverbs 8:12 says, “Wisdom and good judgment live together, for wisdom knows where to discover knowledge and understanding." Embracing innovative thinking allows us to approach problems from new angles, uncovering solutions that might not be immediately apparent.

C.S. Lewis once said, "What you see and hear depends greatly on where you are standing." This underscores the importance of perspective in problem-solving. Encouraging us to step outside our usual viewpoint to explore different approaches and ideas.

As Christians, we are called to use all the tools and talents God has given us, including our intellect, creativity and prayer. By doing so, we honour God and can solve our challenges effectively. This approach to problem-solving is not just about finding the easiest path but about seeking wise, well-considered solutions that align with our faith and values. Never forget to pray for understanding.


Innovation often happens during the most difficult challenges.


Help me, Lord, be creative in my thinking to solve problems. Amen.

Action Point

What are the practical challenges of life? Take some time aside to innovate the solutions.

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