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The Story So Far....

In the charming town of Neath in South Wales, a close-knit family nurtured a child whose grandparents were devout Christians. They introduced him to the church, creating a sanctuary of faith during his weekends. His father, a diligent factory worker, and his mother, a caretaker for her ailing mother-in-law, exemplified resilience and sacrifice while managing multiple jobs.


By age 14, he became actively involved in Clyne Free Mission, contributing to the youth group and becoming a part of the church's familial atmosphere. During a significant period in 1988-1989, he delved deeply into prayer, seeking a more intimate relationship with God beyond mere preaching. This small church, simple yet cherished, became a place of profound spiritual inquiry.

Carl Brettle

However, his youthful vision of a new church structure clashed with Pastor Len Sparks' more traditional views, leading to disillusionment. Eventually, he ventured into the business world in Swansea, achieving success but falling into a harmful lifestyle. His life spiralled into despair, marked by financial ruin, illness, and personal trauma.


At his lowest point, a profound experience of God's love halted his self-destructive plans. A former church friend's timely visit reignited his faith, prompting a return to his roots in Neath and recommitment to his spiritual journey. His participation in the church's anniversary service became a turning point, marked by a powerful encounter with a prayerful congregant and a divine call to ministry.


Despite initial doubts, he reengaged with his Church, challenging and exploring faith anew. His journey led him to volunteer with "An Open Door" in Aberdare, where his faith and life were rebuilt. His collaboration with an African minister sparked a mission to Uganda, igniting a series of outreach efforts and establishing orphanages.


His spiritual journey continued to evolve, leading to significant roles in church missions and a monumental prayer initiative for Wales, transcending local boundaries to touch hearts worldwide. Mistakes and challenges were part of his path, yet they shaped his understanding of prayer's power and his role in the divine plan.


His commitment extended beyond local church activities to broader initiatives, eventually joining United Christian Broadcasters, where he played a crucial role in mobilising prayer and ministering to a vast audience. Personal milestones, including marriage and fatherhood, enriched his journey.


He revisited the grand vision of impacting millions of souls in recent years, prompting a reflective sabbatical after decades of relentless ministry. His legacy includes numerous church-building projects, leadership development, and cross-denominational collaboration for the Gospel's advancement. He has written several books and is a frequent guest on Radio and TV, including UCB, Premier, Revelation TV, BBC One and BBC Radio.


Today, as CEO of the Neighbourhood Prayer Network, he champions grassroots spiritual responsibility while contributing to national prayer initiatives and nurturing faith through his ‘Faith Lift’ daily devotionals. His story, marked by resilience, redemption, and calling, inspires and challenges believers to embrace their destiny in Christ, recognising the profound impact of prayer and the collective journey of faith.



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