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00575 - Going Deeper With God This Coming Year.

Going deeper with God in the coming year is a commitment to broadening our understanding and practice of faith. This journey involves selecting a particular aspect of our spiritual life – prayer, scripture, service, or another area – and dedicating ourselves to exploring it more thoroughly. Moving beyond a surface-level engagement and immersing ourselves in a focused and intentional way, seeking a richer connection with God.

The Bible encourages us to pursue a deeper relationship with God. James 4:8a (NIV) says, "Come near to God and he will come near to you." 

To go deeper with God, we must combine study with practice. It’s not just about gaining knowledge but also about living out what we learn. Whatever the focus, the key is consistency and intentionality. By committing to go deeper in a specific area, we open ourselves to new insights and experiences, allowing God to work profoundly in our lives.


Be intentional in your study of God.


Lord, help me to go deeper with You in this coming year, Amen.

Action Point

Put aside one hour per week to invest in this new study of God.

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