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00404 - Overcoming Loneliness

To overcome loneliness, we can seek solace in God's presence. We find strength in His unfailing love by drawing near to God, pouring our hearts out in prayer, and seeking His comfort.

Psalm 68:6 provides reassurance: ‘God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.’ (TLB) God is mindful of our loneliness and plans to bring us a sense of belonging and community. He desires to release us from isolation. Actively engaging with others and building meaningful relationships will alleviate loneliness.

If we are willing and able, God is faithful to place us in the midst of supportive communities. We should build time into our routine to reach the isolated and lonely. In so many situations, we would become the answer to that person's prayer. God will be honoured, you will feel fulfilled, and the person will be overjoyed. Give it a try.

Quote Overcoming loneliness in others by visiting them brings so much joy to life.


Remind me, Lord, of those I should visit to help them feel less isolated. Amen.

Action Point

Five per cent of UK adults don’t see anyone each day, perhaps once a week. Build into your routine by visiting a couple of neighbours once a week.

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