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00403 - Prayer in Action

We all have people around us who need Jesus. How much time do we give to pray for them? Praying for people by name demonstrates our love for them, showing they are not forgotten or overlooked. It allows us to intercede with heartfelt intentionality, seeking God's grace and mercy for their salvation. We acknowledge their worth in His eyes by calling their names before God.

We can ask Him to soften their hearts, remove spiritual blindness, and bring about circumstances that lead them to His love and transforming grace.

Romans 10:13 assures us, ‘For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’ (NIV) Our role is to pray them through to make their own decision for Jesus. When we pray for individuals by name, we lift them to God, imploring Him to work in their lives and draw them into a saving relationship with Him.

Quote Every prayer is effectual; pray with purpose for friends by name.


Lord, I pray for [INSERT NAME] to come to faith in Jesus. Amen.

Action Point

Make a list of everyone that knows you who does not know Jesus. Then periodically pray for them by name to be saved.

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