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00343 - The Beauty of a Rose

There are 150 species of Rose and tens of thousands of hybrids. It’s mentioned 48 times in the bible, signifying Love, Faith, Hope and Beauty. The red rose parallels the blood shed by Jesus in His sacrifice for us through the cross.

A prophecy of Jesus in Song of Solomon 2:1 says, ‘I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.’ (ESV) Sharon means a level place. This suggests that belief in Jesus will bring a balance or level to our lives. His beauty will help us in our daily lives to an extent we have not known before.

God is spectacular in his creativity, down to the finest detail. Remember, though, you and I are His finest work. He created us in His own image. Think about that. There is a thread of Jesus in much of life; it’s about finding and applying that meaning. Amen.


His throne was a cross, His crown made of thorns, His robes made from His pierced skin.


Thank You for the interwoven message of redemption, Lord, Amen.

Action Point

To see some of the hundreds of variations of rose, visit it will remind you of our wonderfully creative God.

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