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00072 - Be wise this payday

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

A third of people in the United Kingdom live one payday to the next. That means no savings, while holding a fair amount of debt. As Christians we are taught that we should 1) Tithe 10%, 2) Avoid Debt, 3) Save 10% and 4) Live off the rest.

Proverbs 21:20 in the Message version says ‘Valuables are safe in a wise person’s home; fools put it all out for yard sales’. The point is to be considered with what you decide to do. Don’t make rash decisions where your impulse to want something has longer term consequences than the moment you wanted it.

Our entire society is built upon financial institutions provoking us to take out more debt, so the quicker we can take back control of our own money, the quicker we pay less interest, save, tithe, and prosper long term, be wise what you spend this public holiday.

Quote Debt, the fastest way to financial slavery. Break the cycle of debt today.

Prayer Father, please help me become debt free, help my wider family to be debt free also, Amen.

Action point

If you are in financial difficulty, think about doing a CAP course, it will make the world of difference to your finances. Visit for more details.

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