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00057 - When a miracle smiles up at you.

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

At the end of a three-week mission trip to Africa, in the town of Sega, Kenya, I felt the Holy Spirit stir, to ask anyone with a medical need to come forward, over half the people there did just that.

A lady in a blue floral dress had a skin tumour the size of a small melon on her belly which was bleeding through her dress. I saw it and felt the Holy Spirit say, simply pray. I watched the tumour shrink before me.

In John 2 we read the of the surprise of Jesus turning water into wine. Jesus is creative, the miracle quite normal. The lady in Sega was clearly desperate and God was nudging to believe for a miracle. Her face lit up the room, everyone went crazy. Sometimes in life we see miracles which defy belief, yet God smiles through them – respond to His whisper today.

Quote Never miss a whisper of God, He’s in the business of changing lives.

Prayer Father, help me tune into your whisper, so I can respond and pray, let miracles flow, Amen.

Action Point Of course there are times when people don’t experience release, but we must continue to stay in faith for the future.

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