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The Miracle That Is Israel

The Miracle That Is Israel


Back by popular demand. The author had another 800 copies so have access to that stock Yippee!!


This has been one of the best-selling books in our history.


When Israel became a nation-state on 14th May 1948, it really was a case of the impossible becoming reality. It was also the cornerstone prophetic event of human history and had been foretold over and over by the Old Testament prophets. The Jews are the only ancient people group to survive to modern times. Yet paradoxically, they are the most persecuted people in history. Despite the murderous threats of their enemies, Israel continues to thrive.  Is God involved and is their story really a miracle?  It's time to explore the evidence and to decide for yourself...

It's a story like no other; a real-life miracle that will encourage you and can build your faith.  

An amazing updated book in full colour!


From the Author.


Can a nation be born in a day?


This was a question posed during the 8th Century BC, as part of a prophetic declaration by the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. Some 2,750 years later, on 14th May 1948, his prophecy came true, when the present-day nation-State of Israel was born.  


"It’s a totally unique story that is unparalleled in all of human history," said Phil Davies, author of The Miracle that is Israel. "It’s also a story that can only be explained within the context of God - the God of the impossible!!  


"My primary objective in writing this book is to present the evidence courtroom style and to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, that Israel is a miracle that flies in the face of “impossible”, underlining as it does so, the truth of Luke 1:37, that nothing is impossible with God. That the Jewish people could remain a “nation” prior to 1948, was impossible. That the State of Israel could be born in a day, nearly seventy years ago, was also impossible. And Israel thriving the way it has since 1948,  equates to nothing less than Israel doing the impossible!"


First published in 2016, the book's third edition, revised and upgraded to commemorate the 70th Anniversary.


"The Miracle That Is Israel presents the facts, truth and mountain of evidence in such a compelling way as to challenge even the most sceptical and hardest of hearts", reads one review, "Funnelling the reader irresistibly to a place of decision, and ultimately, leaving him or her with no place to hide! Outstanding!!"

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