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00667 - Don't Give Satan An Inch

The adversary is ever looking for a foothold, a mere inch, to disrupt our faith and derail our journey with God. Ephesians 4:27 (NKJV) succinctly advises, "nor give place to the devil." It's a call to be proactive in our faith, consistently seeking God's wisdom and strength to stand firm against any attempt to compromise our spiritual integrity.

His blood shed for us was an act of love and a decisive blow against the powers of darkness. This signifies that no attack from the enemy can withstand the power of Christ's redemption. If you entertain satan, you will be wholly absorbed with him, not Jesus.

Our lives become testimonies of Jesus' triumph, inspiring others to seek refuge in His saving grace. Let us,, stand unwavering in our faith, confident that in Jesus, we have everything we need to live victoriously, not giving Satan an inch to work against us.


Give satan an inch, and he will take 10 miles.


Lord, keep my heart close to yours so I will discern any influence of the enemy.

Action Point

Have you ever considered the enemy's influence and how you return to Jesus?

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