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00660 - Autism

Autism was misunderstood and stigmatised. Some thought historical figures like Albert Einstein and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart to have had autism. Their contributions to science, music, and culture were astonishing.

Romans 15:7 (MSG) says, “So reach out and welcome one another to God's glory. Jesus did it; now you do it!” This underscores the call to accept and value one another, recognising that everyone reflects God’s creation. What if we allowed those with autism to thrive and encouraged them to succeed? Life would be rich for the person and everyone around them. It’s like autism itself demonstrates more of a concentrated spark of God.

God's love knows no bounds and extends to all individuals, irrespective of their differences. Autism, with its challenges and strengths, is part of the beauty of God’s creation. Remember that in God’s eyes, everyone is valued and loved and has a place in His grand design.


God doesn’t see a lack of ability; he sees each one of us.


Help me, Lord, to appreciate everyone I meet. Amen.

Action Point

I laughed when I took an online autism test; I am on the spectrum, are you?

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