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00639 - Fruit of the Spirit : Peace

In the bustling rhythm of life, peace can sometimes feel like a rare find, yet it's one of the most precious fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22 (NCV). "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness," 

This Godly peace is a balm to the soul, offering rest and reassurance. It's a profound sense of well-being that doesn't hinge on circumstances. When we embrace this fruit of the Spirit, it becomes a guardian of our hearts and minds. Always try and focus on peace.

Cultivating this peace means allowing the Spirit to influence our reactions and attitudes. It's a daily choice to let go of anxieties and trust God's sovereignty. As we do, we experience peace ourselves and become conduits of peace in a world that desperately needs it. It's a serene reminder that there is fullness of peace in His presence.


When you focus on peace, your life will be less stressful.


Lord, make me a channel of your peace. Amen.

Action Point

Think about the things which make you stressed and how peace could combat them.

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