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00638 - Drawing Close God

Drawing close to God is an intentional journey that requires our hearts to seek Him earnestly. James tells us in James 4:8 (NCV), ”Come near to God, and God will come near to you". It's an invitation to step into a space of spiritual closeness that can transform our everyday reality.

Pursuing this closeness, our daily actions and decisions become the pathway to His presence. Drawing near to God is less about the distance covered and more about the depth of our devotion.

As we draw near, we're reminded that God is not distant or detached; He is ever-present, waiting to be found by those who seek Him with a sincere heart. This is the beauty of the relationship that God offers; it's always accessible, always available. This closeness to the Divine anchors us provides comfort, and gives clarity in a world that can often feel confusing and chaotic.


To find out who God is, spend time drawing close to Him.


Lord, help me break free from distractions and focus more on spending time with You.

Action Point

Set aside one hour per day next week to read the Bible, pray and listen to God.

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