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00546 - Reconciliation

Reconciliation is essential to the fabric of our lives, mending brokenness and fostering unity in places where discord once reigned. Colossians 3:13 (NCV) instructs us, "Get along with each other, and forgive each other. If someone does wrong to you, forgive that person because the Lord forgave you." This scripture suggests seeking harmony with one another as integral to living a life that reflects our faith-filled values.

The journey towards reconciliation often requires setting aside pride, embracing empathy, and extending grace. It's the pursuit of peace, one that mirrors the reconciliation we have received through Christ—a reconciliation that bridges the greatest divide that between humanity and God.

By engaging in the act of reconciliation, we not only find personal peace but also become agents of healing in our communities. It's through these restored relationships that we can witness the transformative power of love and forgiveness in action.


Whatever you do, try to be at peace with those around you.


Lord, help me take the first steps to reconciliation with friends. Amen.

Action Point

Think about those who you could be in touch with if you reconciled and take that first step.

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