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00440 - Spiritual Gift : Miracles

The gift of miracles is one of the supernatural gifts bestowed by the Holy Spirit upon believers. These aren't mere coincidences, but God orchestrated events that testify to His power and might, transcending the laws of nature.

1 Corinthians 12:10 (ESV) lists the spiritual gifts, mentioning " another the working of miracles..." This reference lists miracles, among other gifts, signifying their role in building up the Church and glorifying God.

When someone operates in the gift of miracles, it's a profound witness to both believers and non-believers alike. These miracles can lead non-believers towards faith and bolster the faith of those who already believe. However, it's vital to remember that the gift itself isn't the focus; rather, it points to the Giver. God, in His wisdom, distributes this gift to whom He wills, ensuring it's used in accordance with His divine purpose and for the edification of His people.

Quote A miracle from God proves His power and majesty.


Lord, help me when I need a miracle to believe I will receive one. Amen.

Action Point

If you need a touch from God, reach out to a trusted leader and ask them to pray for you.

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