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00350 - Don’t Risk Everything to Get Wealthy

Proverbs 13:11 says, ‘Money that comes easily disappears quickly, but money that is gathered little by little will grow.’ (NCV)

Taking big risks with money to get more quickly often has a downside. If every scheme which suggested making huge gains worked, we would all be millionaires. The losses of the poor finance most big return propositions. Gambling also uses that same tried and tested formula.

Let’s not forget we can’t take our money with us. So why not take, as this scripture says, a steady approach and focus your thoughts and actions on eternal things, not temporal ones? Our faith in God is our biggest asset and answered prayer is our biggest dividend or return. Never let money become a bigger focus in life than your focus on God. Of have a comfortable life, but don’t let ambition shift your focus from what God has planned for you.


Pursuing money will have a forced ending on the day you die.


Lord, let me be happy with what I have so that I can serve You more. Amen.

Action Point

Work out what you need to live comfortably, and beyond that, serve God.

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