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00027 - Fasting

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Fasting – to deprive yourself of food or other comforts, in order to spend the time praying through a circumstance, issue or to simply get into a deeper relationship with God than you had before. You shouldn’t fast if you are sick, if someone is putting pressure on you, to be noticed, or if you think you need to be punished for something.

Matthew 6:16-18 suggests when fasting, we should separate ourselves, be private, that fasting is a spiritual exercise.

So, whatever you are going through, fasting allows you to take time out and give up something to focus that time on prayer. Sometimes a circumstance will not bow down to God until we become determined to deal with the issue in prayer. Is it time for the issue you face, to be dealt with? Fasting could just be the path to breakthrough for something that seemed immovable for so long.


Fasting is often the gateway to see God move where He didn’t move before.


Heavenly Father, as I fast for a short season, hear my prayer, I am coming to you Lord in my time of need, Amen.

Action Point

If this is new to you start by fasting TV, or something that you like to do, before you get into fasting food.

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