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00012 - You are Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Updated: Mar 10

David in Psalm 139 verse 14 acknowledges that and praises God for it. It’s incredible to think that the heart in the average lifetime will beat 3 billion times, and the body itself is made up of 15 trillion cells, or 7 octillion atoms (that’s 7 with 27 zeros behind it). Your brain is still way more powerful than the fastest supercomputer out there.

Yet in all of this complexity, there is one protein found in the body, which basically holds everything together. Laminin, it’s made up of three strands A, B1 & B2, and incredibly is formed in the shape of a cross. These form an extracellular matrix which essentially hold cells together. Without Laminin, you would not be able to exist.


Laminin is made of 3 strands and shaped like a cross - think.


Lord, there is evidence of your work in everything, thank you Lord for all you have created, thank you Lord for creating me. Amen

Action Point

Spend a little time researching the Laminin protein, you’ll be amazed how it holds you together.

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