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00007 - Honouring the influencers

Updated: Apr 21

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Often in life we meet extraordinary people. One such lady was Nancy Francis. She was never seen speaking, or leading anything, but yet so faithful, always positive, always encouraging. She was a widow with no wealth to speak of. When a missionary couple from China Inland Mission came to speak at her Church, she wondered what she could do? She decided to cut her meals on wheels delivery in half, spreading the food out over the week, thereby saving a pound or so each day.

Over the next decade, Nancy saved and sent enough money to put forty Chinese Pastors through theological training. They then went on to lead Churches where tens of thousands of people came to know Jesus.

Sometimes it’s not a single big thing that makes the difference, it might be a small thing done consistently over many years. Hebrews 13:16 states, ‘this is pleasing to God’.


Never ignore the small things you do consistently, it’s pleasing to God.


Dear Lord, thank you that everything I am able to do has value in your Kingdom. Help me remain a faithful servant, Amen.

Action Point

We often only realise the influence of the people around us when they have gone to glory. Make sure you spend time with those who you can learn God’s Kingdom from.

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