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Little Donkey's Tale & Yes Even a Mouse - Combo

Little Donkey's Tale & Yes Even a Mouse - Combo


This is a great combo for Kids.


Horray! Horray!


It’s Easter as Little Donkey lay quietly in his stable, he suddenly heard excited squeals of laughter coming from the garden. It was the wonderful sound of the children having great fun, as they searched high and low looking for eggs, ‘yummy Chocolate Easter Eggs!’ When Mouse and his Bug Buddies heard the commotion, they raced to the stable eager to find Donkey.


They needed to find out why there was so much excitement everywhere. Could Donkey tell them? They needn’t have worried. He had the answer. He knew all about this very special day. So, gathering his happy little friends together, Donkey began to share with them on of the most amazing, fantastic stories every told, it was the wonderful Miraculous True Story of ‘THE VERY FIRST EASTER’.


The Christmas Book




Why not join Little Mouse and his Bug Buddies, as they experience the wonder and excitement of Christmas.  Find out what happens when one of the little friends,  after seeing so many toys and presents, sparkly lights, and even stockings hanging from the mantelpiece,  suddenly asks the question, “Why?”


Granny to the rescue, she knows the answer.  Gathering the eager little friends together, she shares with them the reason for this fabulous, amazing season, as she tells them the Miraculous Story, of ‘The Very First Christmas’. 

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