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00122 - How to go deeper

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Ezekiel 47 talks through a vision that Ezekiel had. The main emphasis of this chapter is about the stages of going in deeper with God. The start of the chapter talks about going ankle-deep, then going knee deep, then wading some more and going waste deep and then eventually swimming. It’s a very interesting chapter as it speaks so much about determination, perseverance, and trust.

Moving from prayer to intercession is like this. Prayer might be putting our ankle in the water, going deeper with God in prayer, might well be going knee and waist deep, but the real stuff happens when we swim.

Going deeper with God will help you place your trust in Him, as He starts to show you things to pray for, situations that need prayer, how to stay in a place of prayer for a season until you are consumed enough by prayer to intercede.


Going deeper with God in prayer is evidence of your relationship with Him.


Father, teach me how to pray, let me have the patience to learn, Amen.

Action Point To go deeper, you will need to set aside time to focus on prayer, God will lead you as you pray.

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