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00150 - Honouring the influencers - Len Sparks

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

In the small village of Clyne, Len Sparks was the minister of a tiny Church in the valley’s of South Wales. He never cared much for fame or fortune, carrying out his duties earning only a stipend, yet giving himself to the people. Many families saw Len as the fourth emergency service, and when life happened and they had need, they phoned him and he was there.

Len’s life was routed in the Bible, He could often be heard quoting chapters of scripture from memory and had a scripture for every occasion, he inspired many of the young me (including me) to devote our lives to faithful service, He was rock solid in his commitment and outworking of his own calling. It’s good to honour him.

Matthew 25:21 says ‘His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!…’. (NIV) Let’s be faithful where we can over our entire lifetime.


Be as committed to your family, and community as Jesus was to the Church.


Father, help me to learn from this, what commitment over time means and give me the faith for it, Amen.

Action Point You might be feeling it’s time to give something up and move on, get the green light from God first, before you make a decision.

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