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365 Days - YIPPEE

It's 365 days today since I first started to publish Faith Lift.

I'd felt for several years that I wanted to go down the path of writing one, even though some great devotionals are already out there. Just something I guess I felt the Lord lead me to. I didn't rush; I started to think about the format and the approach.

What I settled on was.

Always have a scripture involved in the text.

Keep the text to one minute of reading.

Always have a good quote.

Make sure there is a prayer.

Make sure there is a good action point.

When I started writing, I realised I couldn't have done this earlier in my Christian Journey. 29 years of Christian ministry brings a wealth of experiences I now pull from.

The 220 mission trips to 45 countries, Church planting, book publishing, broadcasting, running national conferences, prayer lines, prison and youth ministry, have all brought experience to life.

I thank God I have been able to start finally, and my little team, Rebekah, Phil and Rick, who help me progress the vision a little each time they help.

There are 106,000 words have been written, and every single Faith Lift is on the website, which has a search feature so if you are looking for a viewpoint on a subject, you can go write ahead and type in 'Grace' for example, and you'll get a list of everything I've written about it.

So thank you if you are reading and, sign up if you are not, via

OK now let's get back to writing.


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