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00735 - El Olam

El Olam, meaning "The Everlasting God," reminds us of God's eternal nature. This name signifies that God is beyond time, always present, and unchanging. As Christians today, understanding El Olam provides comfort and assurance that God is forever reliable and faithful.

Isaiah 40:28 (MSG) beautifully captures this: "God doesn’t come and go. God lasts. He’s Creator of all you can see or imagine." This verse reassures us that, unlike the fleeting things of this world, God's presence and love are constant. El Olam is our steadfast foundation, no matter what changes or challenges we face.

This means we can trust in God’s eternal wisdom and plan in our daily lives. Remembering that God is everlasting helps us find peace and stability when we feel uncertain or overwhelmed. By leaning on El Olam, we can confidently navigate life's ups and downs, knowing that God's everlasting arms are always holding us.


God is everlasting; we are not - remember that - He is the only eternal one.


Father, help me grasp the fullness of eternity. Amen.

Action Point

Have you ever thought through your understanding of eternity?

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