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00722 - Books Of The Bible : 1 Samuel

1 Samuel in the Bible is full of lessons about faith. It tells the stories of Hannah, Samuel, Saul, and David, each of whom experienced incredible journeys with God. Their lives teach us how faith can guide us, even in the most challenging times.

1 Samuel 1:27 (NCV) highlights Hannah's unwavering faith: "I prayed for this child, and the Lord answered my prayer and gave him to me." Hannah's story teaches us the power of persistent prayer and trusting God’s timing. Her faith was rewarded with the birth of Samuel, who became an excellent servant and great prophet.

Another central theme is David’s faith. Despite facing the giant Goliath and many other trials, David trusted God’s strength rather than his own. The book of 1 Samuel encourages us to put our faith in God, knowing He is with us in every battle and will guide us through life’s challenges.


Be intentional in your faith to believe in the impossible.


Father, help me to pray for the breakthrough needed in life. Amen.

Action Point

If you haven’t read the book of 1 Samuel in a while, now would be a great time.

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