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00708 - Lessons From The Beatitudes

The Beatitudes, found in Matthew 5:3-12 (NLT), serve as a cornerstone of Jesus' teachings, revealing profound truths about the Kingdom of God. Each beatitude begins with the word "blessed," signifying the spiritual abundance and divine favour bestowed upon those who embody these characteristics. Read it through afresh once more.

These verses provide a counter-cultural perspective on true happiness and fulfilment, emphasising humility, meekness, mercy, and purity of heart. They challenge societal norms by exalting the values of the Kingdom over worldly success and material wealth.

Ultimately, the Beatitudes offer timeless lessons on the nature of discipleship and the call to emulate Christ's character. They call us to live with compassion, integrity, and a hunger for righteousness, even in adversity. By embracing the attitudes and virtues outlined in the Beatitudes, we experience God's blessings in our lives and become agents of His love and transformation in the world. Praise God!


We can learn so much about the character of God through the Beatitudes.


Lord, help me discover more of You as I look at the beatitudes. Amen.

Action Point

Read them through again and then do an online study.

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