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00688 - A Small Slice Of Nothing

The quest for worldly recognition often obscures any eternal perspective. Jesus warns us in Luke 16:15 (NASB), "You are those who justify yourselves in the sight of men, but God knows your hearts; for that which is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God.”. 

The trappings of success that dominate our worldly lives cannot accompany us beyond this life. This realisation provokes us to consider our priorities, focusing on what truly enriches our souls and serves God's kingdom.

Serving others rather than seeking to take from them fosters a community of generosity and love, reflecting the values of the kingdom of God. In doing so, we collect treasures not of this earth but of heaven, which are everlasting. The choice to serve rather than seize a slice of life's fleeting pleasures offers a more profound, lasting satisfaction and a legacy that transcends our earthly existence.


If life is about personal attainment, consider serving those with nothing.


Father, keep my focus on how I share Your Kingdom with others. Amen.

Action Point

If you don’t serve others currently, decide what you plan to do.

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