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00619 - Gather Yourself

In the wake of trauma, pain, or grief, gathering oneself can feel like trying to hold onto the fragments of a shattered vase. It's a process filled with vulnerability and deep introspection. Psalm 34:18 (TLB) says, "The Lord is close to those who are of a broken heart and saves such as are crushed with sorrow." We are not forsaken in our most broken moments; God is still with us.

His love acts as the glue, binding our wounds and mending our spirits. Each fragment is a memory; each crack is a lesson. In this healing, beauty transcends the pain.

Our journey in life isn’t about forgetting the past but carrying it forward gracefully, using our experiences to shine as beacons of resilience and faith. In this gathering of self, we find healing and love, a renewed sense of purpose, and an unshakeable bond with our ever-present, ever-loving God.


When you gather yourself, you focus on what God wants for you.


Lord, thank you for being there for me. Amen.

Action Point

What are the three things you need to do to get yourself back on track?

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