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00599 - Suicide

Coming to terms with suicide, especially as a Christian, is an incredibly heart-wrenching experience. It challenges our understanding of pain, despair, and the sanctity of life. 

The Bible doesn't directly address suicide, but it speaks about God's compassion and love for those in despair. Psalm 34:18 (GNT) says, "The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." This offers solace, reminding us that God is intimately present in our pain and confusion. 

As Christians, coming to terms with suicide involves clinging to God's love and grace, both for the one who has passed and for those left to mourn. At the same time, we may never know the desperate circumstances which led to someone taking their life. In the aftermath, as Christians, we find the strength to navigate our grief and the faith to continue trusting God’s unfailing love. Pray for the vulnerable.


Always help the vulnerable, pray and care for them.


Lord, guide me to pray for the people I know who are struggling. Amen.

Action Point

Research the levels of suicide in your county. 

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