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00555 - Try Praying

"Try Praying" is an invitation to embark on a journey similar to the one experienced by Ezekiel, as described in Ezekiel 47:3-5 (NIV), where he is led through water that gets progressively deeper—from ankles to knees to waist etc. This beautifully mirrors the deepening prayer experience, starting perhaps with uncertainty or shallow requests but gradually moving into a more profound engagement with God.

The initial steps into prayer can be like wading into unfamiliar waters – tentative and exploratory. Yet, as we persist, our experience deepens. We move to a more heartfelt conversation with God, sharing our deepest concerns, fears, and hopes. 

Prayer brings comfort, peace, and a sense of being heard and understood. As our prayers deepen, we often find prayer affects the situations we pray about and within ourselves. In its deepest form, prayer becomes a life-giving river, nourishing and refreshing us as we journey through life.


The deeper you go in prayer, the closer you get to God.


Father, help me go deeper in prayer with You. Amen.

Action Point

There is a great little prayer course you could look at called 

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