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00531 - Life Lesson - Be Decisive

Being decisive leads to greater productivity and fulfilment in life. The Bible touches on this in James 1:8 (NKJV), saying, "He is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways." Not the best accolade. This verse warns of the pitfalls of indecision, which leads to a lack of results.

Conversely, when we're decisive, it's like setting our sail in a strong wind; we move with purpose and direction. Decisiveness allows us to commit to our desires, creating a momentum that propels us towards our goals, streamlining our focus, energy, and resources, and preventing the drain that comes from sitting on the fence.

Rather than a scattergun approach, being decisive helps us build upon our past choices, creating a foundation that accomplishes so much in our whole life. In essence, a decisive nature paves the way for a life that's productive and more aligned with our core values and aspirations.


Be clear in your decisions to propel you to your future.


Lord, help me not be double-minded; help me make Godly decisions. Amen.

Action Point

Please discuss the five things you can’t decide on with a friend and get their advice about being decisive.

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