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00489 - The Empty Chair

An empty chair may appear unassuming, but it is teeming with untapped potential. It awaits someone at a crossroads, someone weighed down by life's burdens or perhaps indifferent to the matters of God. The empty chair is an invitation, an opportunity for transformation.

In John 4:13-14 (NIV), Jesus offers a woman “living water" at a well that will quench her spiritual thirst forever. She came to draw water but left with a transformed life. Jesus used a routine setting and turned it into a place of miracles.

Whoever takes that seat might be touched by a sermon, comforted by a song, or find a new community leading them to Christ through love. They may come burdened and leave uplifted, confused, then enlightened, or empty and filled with the Holy Spirit. That chair is waiting as a tool in God’s hand to transform the life of the person it holds.

Quote A place of rest is the same place where God works miracles.


Lord, help me to understand your timing in my circumstances. Help me pray for anyone new coming into my Church. Amen.

Action Point

Have you ever thought to pray over the empty chairs in your Church each Sunday morning?

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