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00430 - Intuition

Your Intuition can serve as a guide in life. While the term 'intuition' is not explicitly used in the Bible, many biblical principles align with the concept of being led by the Holy Spirit, who reflects God’s heart.

John 16:13 says, "But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth." (NIV) Here, Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit, whom He promised would guide us after His departure, His final earthly gift to us.

The Holy Spirit’s guidance can be seen as divine intuition, leading us in the right direction, illuminating truth, and providing discernment. Be sensitive to His leading, spend time in prayer and reflection, and cultivate a relationship with God to recognise the Spirit's prompting. However, verifying our intuitions with Scripture is essential to ensure they align with God's truth, as the Holy Spirit will never lead us contrary to it.

Quote When you walk into any situation, trust your intuition; it's probably right.


Lord, help me trust the inner guidance You have afforded me. Amen.

Action Point

If you place the question of what my intuition is saying before making any decision, life will be different.

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