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00413 - Never Agree to Deceit

We are called to uphold truth and righteousness, never agreeing to deceit or falsehood. Of course, you can forgive someone who has done it but never agree to participate. Instead, speak truthfully, recognising our shared identity as members of the body of Christ.

Not agreeing to deceit means resisting the temptation to participate in or condone dishonesty. Proverbs 12:22 affirms, ‘The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.’ (NIV) As followers of Christ, we are to emulate His character and reflect His truthfulness. This involves speaking and living according to His principles, refusing to compromise our integrity or deceive others.

Let us commit to upholding the values of truth and righteousness, being guided by the Word of God and allowing His Spirit to work in and through us. Our integrity around this issue will take us closer to holiness in our walk with Him.

Quote One lie will always lead to another; stop it while you can.


Lord, please forgive any time I have lied, and help me walk in righteousness. Amen.

Action Point

We all inherently know why we deceive; it’s all about responding to that conviction at that moment.

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