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00270 - Who was Saint David?

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Believed to be the son of Saint Non, David died around 589 AD. He was the Bishop of Mynyw, now St. David’s in Wales. The cathedral there stands on the site of a monastery David founded in 550 AD.

David’s work would have been a simple walk of teaching, leading and solidly advocated the love and message of Christ to the world. Hundreds of monks were sent across Wales, Ireland, Cornwall and northern France.

Nothing more epitomises St. David than this verse - 1 Corinthians 15:58, ‘So then, Christian brothers, because of all this, be strong. Do not allow anyone to change your mind. Always do your work well for the Lord. You know that whatever you do for Him will not be wasted.’ (NLV) Whatever you do, go in faith and give it your all. The benefit of your work for Jesus will impact many beyond you. Praise God!


Giving your life to something for Christ will always have an impact beyond you.


Help me Lord to look past any discouragement and know what I do works for your ‘Eternal Kingdom’. Amen.

Action Point

Think about what God has told you to do and be faithful in doing that; find new ways.

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