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00255 - The Languages of Love

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

In his best selling book ‘5 love languages,’ Gary Chapman outlines five ways we can give and experience love. 1) Words of affirmation, 2) Acts of service, 3) Gifts, 4) Quality time and 5) Physical touch. Apparently almost everyone fits into these five categories, when expressing love to someone.

Have you ever thought that some of these apply to our relationship with God? Having quality time with our Father in prayer. We worship with words of affirmation, serve people around us with a Jesus shaped heart. All these things are useful, yet we struggle to do them.

1 John 4:19 says ‘We love because God first loved us.’ (NCV) Everything we do to show love and the way we do things comes first from the love God has first shown us. When we know how that feels internally, it will be easy to express love to anyone around us.


Thank you Lord for loving me.


Father thank you for the love you showed us through Jesus, help me express that love through my life, each day. Amen.

Action Point

It’s worth a read of the ‘5 Love Languages, by Gary Chapman, which is available on Amazon.

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