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00220 - Spare

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

With the launch of Prince Harry’s first memoir, my mind gravitates back to two brothers walking with their dad and uncle behind the coffin of Princess Diana. I wondered then how could a 12 year old process all of this - he was trained to not show emotion.

Whether he bottled it up or not, he’s angry and fighting his family. Harry’s experience in sorrow and rejection is however entangled with huge wealth and celebrity. It goes to show that regardless of status, when anyone is hurting, their feelings play out wherever feelings can find an outlet.

Job 5:11 says ‘The lowly he sets on high, and those who mourn are lifted to safety.’ (NIV) In our faith journey we should never feel ‘spare’, or rejected or pushed out. We should feel loved. When love is constantly felt in anyones life, peace and grace becomes the vocabulary of their lifestyle.


When you are loved, you exude peace and grace.


Father we pray today for Prince Harry, Megan and the wider Royal Family, that they might reconcile in Jesus’ name.

Action Point Write Harry a letter and talk about love, don’t tell him off, just express the love of God to him.

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