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00089 – Understanding loss

Updated: Mar 10

The loss of a loved one, can be one of the biggest jolts in life we bear. In the moment, you need to lean on family and friends, take some time out and gather yourself, it’s OK to grieve. Loss is experienced by everyone and at some point, everyone will pass-on, it’s the end of the cycle of life.

Psalm 147:3 says ‘He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds’ (ESV).

That’s not to say we should forget, we should in fact let our memories celebrate the person we’ve lost. Over time the sweet fondness of their life will live on in you and the friends/family they touched while here. As Christians let’s remember we get to see them again one day, and what a joyous occasion that will be. So, breathe, gather yourself and with small steps, move forward, the loved one you lost would want you to.

Quote Time enables your loss to be turned into fond memories.

Prayer Father, help me in my grief, help me focus on the great times we had together, Amen.

Action point

If you find yourself crying for no reason because of loss, it’s OK. Grief takes it’s time to live with, lean on a friend in those tough times.

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