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00088 - Consider your street

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

If we all sought to introduce everyone on our street to Jesus. None of our Churches would be big enough for the crowds. Yet in our modern society, we leave the work of evangelism to ‘someone better qualified’. The street we live on is the closest opportunity for Christ we have.

Jesus said the second greatest command in Matthew 22:37-40 ‘….love your neighbour as yourself’ (NIV). In reality, most of us don’t even know the names of all of neighbours. The place we all could start, is make a list of everyone who lives on our street.

With an average of 240 people per street (across the country), you might not win them all, but if you try, you will win some. Perhaps you pray them in, perhaps give them a Father’s love letter, perhaps just befriend them, and let them ask you…. Point is, consider your street for Jesus.

Quote Sometimes, the most fruitful place for outreach is the street we live on.

Prayer Lord, give me the courage to reach out to those immediately around me, Amen.

Action point

I’ve never met anyone who knows all the names of their neighbours on an average sized street, start with a prayer list, stick it on the fridge and pray for someone each day.

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