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00045 - Rushing

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Each evening many of us set tomorrows alarm clock for the very last possible moment. Obviously knowing that we needed to shower, dress, have breakfast and catch the bus or get through the traffic in time for work.

Our relationship with God can be like that too. Don’t worry because the disciples in Matthew 26:40 had the same problem; they couldn’t even pray for one hour. Whether it is reading your bible, praying, or listening to worship, our human nature wants the biggest reward for the least amount of effort.

Wouldn’t it be great if our mobile phone alarm set aside time with God each day and our circumstance couldn’t interfere? Our relationship with God would be so much deeper if we swapped rushing for rest, we would likely see our lives calm down, getting things done with confidence not frenzy. Stop rushing and live from a place of rest.

Quote Stop rushing and live from a place of rest.

Prayer Heavenly Father, help my life find a Godly rhythm, not driven by fear, insecurity, or deadlines, but guided by your peace, Amen.

Action Point Take a day off, go and walk and settle your mind away from rushing at everything you do, breathe and relax and do it again next month.

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