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00020 - Angels

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

In Daniel chapter 10, Daniel finds himself in quite a fix, a vision of a demon attacking him, his friends fled, and he lost all his strength. We read from verse 10, that an angel was sent to strengthen him and that angel after fighting its way to get to Daniel with the help of a more senior angel, Michael. By the end of this chapter, Daniel was strengthened, the angel brought some understanding of the visions Daniel had been having and the angel even spoke of what will happen in the future.

We can so easily feel we are alone and abandoned sometimes, not realising the full extent of the spiritual war that goes on around us, that’s unseen. It’s not a crazy idea to ask God to send an angel to intervene on our behalf in a difficult circumstance – it’s Biblical! Try it today and see what happens.


Let the angels of God strengthen and protect you.


Lord God, when my strength is gone, would you send your angels to assist me, Amen.

Action Point

When was the last time you thought to include the ministry of angels in your walk with God, pray, ask God to send them and see what happens.

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