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00015 - The prodigals father

Updated: Apr 21

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We see before us a generation that has lost its fathers.

What we sow today will become the fruit of tomorrow. The Fathers role is to teach, train, correct and protect a child from a young age, that the result of that effort will be as it says in Proverbs 23:24, ‘a righteous child, with great joy’. (NIV)

It takes three distinct phases to become a father, a child, a man, a father. It’s the lessons of life we learn along the way will enable our fatherhood.

When the process of growth toward Fatherhood is broken, it has consequences, relationship breakdown, problems of provision at home, a sense of orphan spirit in the children. Let’s pray today on this Father’s Day that the prodigals out there would be restored to their Father, so a banquet of celebration can indeed be undertaken. It’s Fatherhood that brings a confident future for all.


Before us is a generation that has lost its fathers.


Lord, would you help every father who is not in relationship with their child, be restored to relationship, Amen.

Action Point

Never be so proud or stubborn to continue to avoid relationship because of historical dispute, pick up the phone today and get things restored.

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