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00011 - The Prodigals

Updated: Apr 21

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We all know family members whether close or distant to us, who do not yet know Jesus. The Prodigals we know can test our resolve, frustrate our peace, and bring distraction to our lives. We should still continue to love them unconditionally, pray for them forcefully and remain in touch with them frequently.

We all know the story in Luke 15:11-32, when a demanding son wanted his inheritance then ran off and squandered it, come back home emaciated and humble.

The love of a parent is a powerful thing. The Dad ordered a feast to celebrate and the second brother was annoyed. Verse 31, says it all ‘this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found’. It can be frustrating when someone is wayward or cut off from you, yet let’s never give up praying for the prodigals, the lost will be found!


Every Prodigal is loved by Jesus, remember that.


Help me to continue to earnestly in prayer for the prodigals in my life, that they may know You, like I know You, Amen.

Action Point

Occasionally asking a family friend to reach out to a prodigal, just to say they were praying for them can start the wheels turning for them to come back to Christ.

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