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00009 - To serve or be served

Updated: Apr 21

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It’s always nice to be served, whether at a store or good customer service when you phone someone, it makes you feel good. People also say that doing something for others feels so rewarding too. There’s a little scripture in Matthew 23:11, that states the greatest among us will be our servant.

Where do you fit in this? Are you solely fixed on getting as many people around you to serve you without doing anything yourself? It might be you that has never volunteered, helped at a food bank, or never put yourself out to help someone else.

The good news is, today is a perfect day to start. There will always be something we come across in the busyness of life, which could prompt an act of servanthood; helping someone across the road; reach something too high for someone while shopping. What act of servanthood will you do today?


Servanthood defines your character and will always make a way for you.


Lord, help me to see the needs around me so I can serve wherever I can, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Action Point

Try today and go out of your way to serve someone, open a door, carry a bag, pay for a coffee.

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